Who are we?

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The MacLennan Scottish Group, which was formed in 1979, consists of around thirty dancers and musicians from the London area. It has performed in many festivals in Europe, as well as dancing in Britain at a wide variety of functions, and running its own Festival.

The Group performs a wide variety of Scottish Country Dances, together with Highland Dances such as the Sword Dance and similar step dances. The musicians play the traditional Scottish pipes and drums, and sometimes also accordion and fiddle.

The musicians wear the kilt and plaid, while the dancers wear a variety of folk costumes. The music reflects centuries of traditional tunes, while the dances range from long-established dances with their simple patterns, sometimes reflecting working traditions, to more complex modern dances composed for special purposes and occasions.

The MacLennan Scottish Groups festival takes place in Bromley, Kent. At least one foreign group is invited each year, in addition to local dancers and musicians. The Festival takes place during the last weekend in May, with the main performance on the Sunday afternoon.

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