Would you like MacLennan Scottish Group to perform for you?

The MacLennan Scottish Group is able to present performances lasting from 5 to 50 minutes. It is also able, although usually in combination with another group or groups, to put on a full evening's performance. On the whole, performances of about twenty to thirty minutes work best. The Group normally performs without a break, and will include a variety of dances, costumes and music, depending on availability. Generally at least 10 people will take part in a demonstration (8 or 9 dancers, 1 or 2 musicians) but usually more people will participate. In addition, the Group is able to arrange evenings of participation dancing for those who have not done any Scottish dancing before.
Fees for performances are negotiable. Occasionally the Group will agree to perform for expenses only for charity.
If you are looking for a Group to perform at a function (a garden party, a flower show, a Burns Night or St Andrews Night dinner, or anything) please contact us.

Performance Requirements

Scottish Dancing is normally performed in soft dancing shoes, and so the Group requires a smooth surface to dance on. This may be wood, grass, or stone, but must be even, and about ten metres square.
The pipes and drums do not normally require amplification, even when performing outdoors, but if accordions and fiddles or other instruments are used, amplification is generally necessary for all but the smallest venues. We can also perform to recorded music at smaller events.
Changing facilities close to the dancing area are useful to allow costume changes during performances.

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