40th International Folkdance Festival

Virtual Edition 2.0

A weekend festival of traditional dance and music from the UK and Europe:
28th to 30th May 2021

Our Virtual Festival is returning to a screen near you this year!!
In 2020, we hosted our very first Virtual Festival Edition, where some of our audience favourites appeared and gave a stunning performance! Sadly, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we can not return to our normal festival weekend this year. Therefore, our 40th International Festival will be hosted virtually again! You�ll see a Ruby theme throughout for our 40th!!
Nearer the time, we'll announce all the groups who will be virtually performing on our YouTube page, on our Facebook Page and of course, here on our website. We hope you will enjoy the Virtual Edition 2.0 as much as you did last year!
So, get ready to see some incredible performances from your well-known favourites, including groups from all over Europe, the UK and some unseen footage and photographs of the MacLennan Scottish Group!!
We are extremely excited to be able to host another Virtual Festival, and even though we cannot see you all face to face, we hope you will attend and support us! Keep an eye both here and on our Facebook page for updates!
And don�t forget to keep dancing! We WILL see each other soon!

We are pleased to be able to accept donations via our donation page here


Opening including address to the haggis
MacLennan Scottish Group
Photo Compilation



L 'Etoile de l'Avenir from France MacLennan Scottish Group
Europeade Choir Henry Nolan
Lyra, Greek group from London MacLennan Scottish Group
Catriona Bennett dancing Village Maid de Iesselschottsers from the Netherlands
Epping Forest Pipe Band Gruppo Folk Santu Franzisco from Italy
Upland dancers Epping Forest Pipe Band
MacLennan Scottish Group Lockdown Lilt
Minge from Lithunania Upland dancers
Gruppo Folk Santu Franzisco from Italy Jubilee American Dance Theatre Company from USA
MacLennan Scottish Group Euterpe from Belgium
Volkstanzgruppe Rodewald from Germany MacLennan Scottish Group
Francis and Jenny doing the Cakewalk Parades
Hermagor from Austria Closing