35th International Folkdance Festival

Our 35th International Festival was held in May 2016, on its regular weekend and in its usual format. We were delighted to still be at The Priory School in Orpington and it certainly feels like home now! It works so well for us. Due to unforseen problems we nearly didn't have a group but we saved by our friends from Belgium. The Festival was a great success and was enjoyed by all. We'll be back again next year!

On Saturday afternoon we made our 6th visit to Bencurtis Park, where we were warmly welcomed by the residents and staff, who then enjoyed displays from our visiting group as well as EFPB and MSG. In the evening was the International Folk Dance and Ceilidh, where each group did a brief display before encouraging everyone to have a go. On Sunday morning we were made very welcome, as usual, at Emmanuel Church, West Wickham, for their Sunday morning service followed by tea/coffee and a brief display of dancing. In the afternoon was the International Folk Dance Concert where there were performances from all the groups. There was a bonus extra performance from the host group, along with a longer slot for EFPB, both of which were very well received. It was another wonderful show which was enjoyed by everyone.

The participating groups in 2016 were:

de Kegelaar from Belgium
Website: www.dekegelaar.org
This was their 2nd visit to us, having first come 2 years ago and they really did save our festival this year. Their performances tell a story and are just fascinating to watch.

Upland Dancers
(contact via MacLennan Scottish Group website)
The Upland Dancers are all pupils or former pupils of Upland Junior School, Bexleyheath, where they are taught Scottish and English Country Dancing by Mrs Wendy Kellett.  The children performed at the very first MSG festival. This year it was again inspirational to see the new dancers taking their first steps and the more experienced dancers within the group who have developed into wonderful dancers.

Epping Forest Pipe Band
Website: www.efpb.org
Once again the Epping Pipe band "wowed" us with their performance. The pipes and drums raising the hairs on the back of all our necks as they opened the festival. Simon Bredin the leader of the Epping Pipe Band moulds both new and experienced musicians into one team playing to strict tempo in perfect unison. The Maclennan Group performing with the Epping Forest Pipe Band is unequalled within scottish music and dancing

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